Gepard GPR Penetrating Radar

Made in Germany
Made in Germany

Penetrating Radar Gepard GPR

The Gepard GPR is a flexible, portable, powerful and one man operated ground penetrating radar.

How does the "Gepard GPR" ground penetrating radar work?

The ground penetrating radar uses an omnidirectional unshielded transmission system for maximum depths of 40 meters.

Bluetooth The ground penetrating radar sends a signal in the frequency range from 60 MHz to 300 MHz and awaits the „echo“ which will be received by the telescopic antennas to indicate the disturbance in the underground. These disturbances will be measured and transferred via Bluetooth to a Tablet PC, where a graphical representation will be shown.

Due to this kind of scanning a non-destructive examination of the underground is possible.

The following objects and artefacts can be detected by the "Gepard GPR" ground penetrating radar:

  • secret tunnels, bunkers and hideouts
  • buried treasure chests, statues and treasure caches
  • underground walls, foundations and reinforced concrete flagstones
  • hidden cavities, graves and chamber tombs
  • underground rivers and ground water level
  • buried pipelines, pipes, conduits and cable harnesses
  • back filled wells, galleries, tunnels and dugouts
  • hidden septic tanks, distribution boxes and drainage systems

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